The Perks of Partnering with BK on Corporate Sales


Posted by Leslie Crandell - 13 June, 2018

If you're building a speaking or consulting business with your book, partnering with Berrett-Koehler as your sales partner for clients is a win-win! There are two ways to go about selling your books in bulk: buying them yourself to resell at a higher profit margin and referring customers right to our Bulk Buyer Program, which gets you bigger royalties.

What's the Bulk Buyer Program?

Our Bulk Buyer Program is a specialty sales experience for customers buying in quantities of 10 or more. For more information, visit our Bulk Buyer website here.

The perks of partnering with BK on bulk sales:

Steep author bulk discounts

As an author, you can order your books in bulk at a much deeper discount than clients and customers:

  • 1-499 copies: 50% off
  • 500-999 copies: 60% off
  • 1,000-1,999: 65% off
  • 2,000-2,999: 70% off
  • 3,000+: Give us a call to discuss discounts.

You won't get royalties—but if you're able to sell books this way, you have a much better profit margin.

Competitive customer bulk discounts

If you'd rather direct your client to us to arrange a book sale, we offer competitive bulk discounts—and free shipping, too!

  • 10-99 units: 35% discount and free shipping via Federal Express Ground
  • 100-999 units: 38% discount and free shipping via Federal Express Ground
  • 1000-1999 units: 40% discount and free shipping via Federal Express Ground or truck
  • 2000+: Give us a call to discuss discounts.

When your customers order directly from us, your royalties are higher. Royalties are paid on the purchase price. So when your customers order from a reseller instead of us, your royalty is paid on the price the reseller paid when they bought the books from us—typically 50% or more.

Custom editions

Everybody loves personalization! We can put your client’s logo or a message from them on the cover, and we can customize pages on the inside of the book (a letter from the CEO is a popular option). At the moment the minimum order is 500 copies, but we’re working on options that will enable us to print custom editions lesser quantities.

Site licenses (ebook and audio)

We offer site licenses of ebook and audio versions of your book. Customers can post your book to their intranet and offer access to their team or to the entire organization.

Bundle opportunities

By bundling your book with your other products (a self-assessment, for example), you can increase sales for both products.

Storage and shipping

Want to have a quantity of your book available to you but don’t want a bunch of boxes sitting in your basement? Not interested in doing your own shipping? You can store your books in our fulfillment center for only $.05 a book per month. All you have to do is notify us when you want them shipped somewhere and we’ll get the books where you need them to go. Note: shipping, in this case, is an additional cost.

Keep us in the loop

Make sure we’re informed! Send us a list of your upcoming events and we’ll do everything we can to get books get there. We can work with the event organizers to see if they want to order books to give or sell to attendees (they can order at a 40% discount and return any unsold books). If neither of those options work, we can see if a local bookstore is interested in selling books at your event.

Want to know more?

For more strategies about how to improve your bulk sales, see our spotlight on Bob Johansen: "How to Ball Like Bob: Six Strategies for High Volume Sales of Your Book."

If you have any questions about bulk sales or this article, feel free to reach out to me at

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