Who We’re Looking For: We want content experts in the fields in which we publish, so if you have professional experience and focus in any of the following fields:
  • Organizational development
  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Change
  • Communications
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Social issues and justice
  • Sustainable practices
You may be able to help us by reviewing the manuscripts we select for publication! We do not need freelance editors or wordsmiths at this juncture because, um, that’s what we are! But we need content experts who know these fields and can vet books for accuracy.
How It Works: An email will go out to prospective reviewers based on their stated interests giving them information about an upcoming manuscript where we need help and asking if they are available. Once we receive a “Yes!” from the reviewer (for both interest in the topic and an ability to make the standard 30-day deadline), we e-mail the manuscript to reviewers (as a word doc) with a cover letter that gives all instructions and details. We ask that you engage the work and use details, examples, and illustrations to convey your thinking in as much detail as possible because a  brief 1-2 page overview is rarely sufficient for this purpose. Once completed  (hopefully within the stipulated 30 days), the reviewer e-mails their review back to us as a word doc. We also encourage reviewers to insert their comments and suggestions into the electronic copy of the manuscript and return that as well because the page-by-page commentary is often very helpful to the authors. Payment will be made to the reviewer within 30 days of receipt of review.
Compensation:  Compensation for the reviews ranges between $250 and $350 (depending on length of work) for manuscripts that run anywhere between 150 to 300 pages. The deadline for the reviews is approximately 30 days from date of receipt of the draft manuscript.
Timelines: Reviewers usually have 30 days to complete a review. In some cases we request that a review be completed within three weeks if possible if there is a time crunch. Since we have a large reviewer community with an assortment of specializations, most reviewers will review no more than one manuscript a year.
Other Benefits: We don’t believe in cold, business-like relationships -­ our reviewers perform a very vital function and we are fully aware of the impact their work has on the final product.  We try and foster a community as much as possible.  We also have author luncheons to which reviewers are often invited.

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