10 Reasons Why Berrett-Koehler Books Sell Well—and Keep Selling


Posted by Steve Piersanti - 11 April, 2018


  1. High selectiveness.
    Each year, Berrett-Koehler publishes only 40 to 50 new titles from the approximately 1,000 book projects that are proposed to us, allowing BK to select high-quality books and authors.

  2. Topics of enduring value.
    Our book selection favors topics that will be relevant for many years, rather than chasing after trendy headlines and issues that may soon be old news.

  3. Content of enduring value.
    Unlike the time-bound content of many publications today, we emphasize treatment of topics that will keep books timely, practical, and useful for many years.

  4. Authoritative authors.
    Rather than simply having an idea or point of view to share, most BK authors base their books on their life’s work and bring to their books deep expertise from years of study and practice applying the ideas daily.

  5. Active authors.
    BK authors help drive sales of their books by contacting their extensive networks, speaking to large audiences, reaching out through their newsletters and social media, and spreading the word about their books in other ways.

  6. BK community support.
    Many readers of BK books and other BK community members help publicize our books to their networks, thus expanding our sales force.

  7. Quality of editorial work.
    The upfront coaching of authors by the BK editorial team and the detailed manuscript reviews by BK’s incredible reviewers both far exceed the editorial help that publishers generally provide today.

  8. Professional design and production.
    Each BK book is professionally designed and produced, and this quality stands out.

  9. Multichannel sales.
    BK books are actively sold through more channels—digital, direct marketing, bookstore, corporate, special sales, foreign rights, and many others—than is the case for most books published today.

  10. Sales and marketing attention.
    BK authors and their books receive greater individualized and ongoing support from BK sales and marketing staff than is the norm today in publishing.

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