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Posted by Amber Flame - 01 December, 2018

From daylong Leadership Exchanges—unique laboratories that create spaces for both emerging and experienced leaders to engage in creative practice and innovative dialogue—to our Mandelian Dinners, with their topic-specific small-group discussions, the Berrett-Koehler Foundation (BKF) has spent five years fostering intergenerational leadership that weaves authors, audiences, and stakeholders into a proactive community. “How do we create a world that works for all?” is the question at the root of all BKF programs as we engage individuals to turn thought into action.

Action-Learning Fellowship 2.0

This past June, we piloted a fellowship program, where five thought leaders took the next step in their careers to deepen their social impact by leveraging peers, mentors, and BK ideas and authors. Guided by BKF’s Community Weavers, the fellows convened over three months to develop initiatives in established and new organizations. They developed a social enterprise dedicated to providing housing for vulnerable populations (the Fihankra Collective), a database of social-impact career opportunities for diverse youth, a choir dedicated to lifting the spirits of those fighting for social justice (the Thrive Street Choir), and more. This showcase created space to provide questions and feedback, resources, and support as the fellows continued to put their learnings into action.

This fall, our team of Community Weavers launched Action-Learning Fellowship (ALF) 2.0, applying the feedback of the first cohort and the BK community to better serve six new future leaders. ALF 2.0 drew applicants from social justice, arts, tech, entrepreneurship, health care, and religious communities from the Bay Area to New York to Louisiana. At the vibrant fellows retreat kickoff, our new cohort bonded over sharing circles and cooking teams, expressing their excitement to consciously connect in this overstimulated time in society.

BKF Book Club

As we explore new programs, BKF is always looking for more ways to tap into the vast resources of Berrett-Koehler Publishers (BKP) and its authors. So a new idea has emerged: fostering community- and organization-based book club meetings that explore BKP’s authors and ideas. In an experiment in support, we are bringing BKP books to our widening circles of community across the nation, weaving them closer into our mission through dialogue on the world-changing ideas in the BKP catalog. If you have a group that would like to explore a BKP theme or author, please connect with us! 

We Hope You Join Us

BK Foundation is busy—and we invite you to leap into action with us! There are many ways to become a part of our community: you can volunteer for one of our action committees to create and craft our programs, join our board in action-based future mapping, or participate in our programs as a part of the community we engage with to envision change. We hope to see you as we explore how to create a world that works for all. Please reach out to our Community Weavers at community@bkfoundation.org today!

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