Letter from the Publisher - Spring 2019


Posted by Steve Piersanti - 01 December, 2018

Dear Reader,

Berrett-Koehler has long been known as one of the more author-friendly publishers. Why? There are many reasons:

  • We share much more information with authors about marketing plans and results than is the publishing norm.
  • We give authors more input in publishing decisions than most publishers do.
  • We launch new book titles with a one-of-a-kind “Author Day.”
  • We provide more extensive editorial support to authors than is usual today.
  • We partner with authors in supportive ways that are detailed in our “Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for BK Authors.”
  • We offer a unique publication agreement that benefits authors in many ways. 

One of the most important and distinctive ways that Berrett-Koehler supports authors is through BK Authors Inc. This is an organization founded, run, and directed by BK authors for the purpose of supporting BK authors. It is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (and a California Benefit Corporation) that is legally and administratively separate from Berrett-Koehler Publishers but is supported by the publishing company. It is a treasure for authors that has no analog anywhere.

A great program of BK Authors Inc. is the annual three-day BK authors retreat—where authors connect with each other, help each other, and have fun while gaining new perspectives on writing, publishing, and making a difference in the world. These retreats are organized and facilitated by authors and are open to any BK author. Each year’s retreat is held at a different site around the country that offers a relaxed atmosphere in a setting where it is easy to appreciate the beauties of nature. But the real magic of the retreat is the amazing authors who participate—and who create a welcoming community, deep meaning, and shared purpose in collectively pursuing the BK mission of “Connecting People and Ideas to Create a World That Works for All.” The theme of the most recent retreat—held at the Pendle Hill Quaker retreat center near Philadelphia—was “Soulful Connections,” which is a good description of what participants experienced.

Another marvelous program of BK Authors Inc. is the annual two-day BK book marketing workshop. The latest such workshop is described on page 17 of this catalog. I believe that this is the best two-day book marketing workshop available anywhere for authors of business books, self-help books, current affairs books, and other serious nonfiction books. What makes it so useful is that the classes are taught by a mixture of fellow authors—who share what works for them and how they actually do marketing—and by professionals in different marketing media (including publicity, social media, bulk sales, and speaking). And there are two tracks: one for new authors (who need a grounding in marketing basics) and one for experienced authors (who seek new ideas and tools). This workshop is open to non-BK authors as well as to BK authors.

BK Authors Inc. also supports BK authors in other ways, such as by connecting authors with similar interests and/or geographic proximity and by arranging for experienced authors to mentor new authors. I am grateful for the scores of BK authors who serve other authors through BK Authors Inc. This is a marvelous organization on many levels that plays a central role in the ecosystem that makes Berrett-Koehler a wonderfully author-friendly publisher. 


All the best,

 Steven Piersanti

Steven Piersanti

President and Publisher

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