Letter from the Publisher - Summer 2018


Posted by Steve Piersanti - 11 April, 2018

I am happy to report that 2018 is turning out to be another marvelous year for Berrett-Koehler Publishers, as was 2017. Here are some highlights from this year:

  • Eat That Frog! is the first BK book to surpass two million copies sold. And Leadership and Self-Deception is almost at this two million-sold milestone.

  • All told, 230+ BK books—approximately one-third of our total booklist—have sold more than 20,000. And 56 of these titles have sold more than 100,000 copies. Read more about why BK books sell so well.

  • We have successfully moved sales and distribution of BK titles to Penguin Random House Publisher Services, which is the distribution arm of the largest trade-book publisher and the world leader in the size and reach of its sales forces in the United States and other countries.

  • In the first stage of the expansion of the BK Professional publishing program, we have integrated into BK’s systems all of the 127 titles we acquired from Management Concepts Press, which cover topics on project management, federal acquisition and contracting, financial management, leadership, and public administration.

  • New BK executive editor Charlotte Ashlock is leading the acquisition of BK Professional titles. And we are excited to announce the hiring of Lesley Iura—who built highly successful professional publishing programs at Jossey-Bass and Wiley— as our new director of professional publishing. We will soon be expanding our BK Professional list in other fields.

  • In 2018 we are publishing new books and new editions by 19 previous BK authors, all but two of whom have written bestselling BK books. We are fortunate that so many top-notch authors return to BK with their next books, such as the legendary Edgar Schein (see his profile here).

  • We are also publishing 25 titles in 2018 by authors who are new to BK, including some who have written bestselling books for other publishers—such as Parker Palmer, a beloved author of books on education, community, spirituality, and leadership—as well as some who are publishing their first book.

  • For years we have been making a concerted effort to increase the number of female authors and authors of color among the BK author base. And we are making good progress. Of our 2018 publications, forty percent are written by female authors and thirty percent are written by authors of color. 

  • Our Servant Leadership Online Training Summit in October 2017 was a big success, with nearly 20,000 people from 146 countries participating. This fall we are excited to host another major event: the Women’s Leadership Online Training Summit. Read more here.

None of this would be possible without the great support of our tremendous BK community members, including readers, authors, shareholders, service providers, sales partners, and many others. We are grateful to you.

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