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Posted by Steve Piersanti - 05 December, 2017

On July 27, 2017 Berrett-Koehler elected a new board of directors. Chaired by longtime friend of BK Praveen Madan—who brought Palo Alto’s celebrated Kepler's Bookstore back from the brink of bankruptcy— this board is taking a more active role in helping shape the future of Berrett-Koehler. We’re delighted to have the help of this extraordinary group of talented, accomplished, and diverse leaders.

A Few Words from the New Chair

I have been a big fan and admirer of BK for a long time. My association with BK has transformed me—my values, my leadership style, my view of my role in organizations and society. I agreed to serve as BK’s board chair because I want to give back by helping BK scale its work and make it available to anyone who needs it anywhere. BK’s board believes that BK has significant unrealized potential and plenty of opportunities to grow its impact, improve its sustainability, and strengthen its financial position. BK’s board wants to have a serious conversation about how we are going to take BK to the next level to create a stronger company with broader impact and deliver better benefits to all stakeholders. BK needs and deserves a strong, proactive, value-adding board to govern and guide the company. All of us see great potential in BK! All of us have the highest possible regard for BK’s values, principles, and the ideas, tools, and frameworks in BK’s books. BK’s mission is more needed than ever given the dangerous undemocratic trends we are seeing in so many parts of the world. However, our goals are neither easy nor certain to be accomplished. If we want to realize this great potential we see, if we want to create significant real value for all of BK’s stakeholders, and if we want BK to not just survive but thrive and spread its mission far and wide then we have no option but to collaborate in new ways so together we can achieve all this.

—Praveen Madan

Read more from Praveen on why he accepted th board role at Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Jack-Perry.jpgJack Perry
38 Enso Publishing Services

Steve-Piersanti.jpegSteve Piersanti
President and Publisher,
Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc 

Jesse Lyn Stoner.jpgJesse Lyn Stoner
Founder, Seapoint Center
for Collaborative Leadership

Loraine Binion.jpgLoraine Binion
Executive Director of Finance and Administration,
University of California at Berkeley

Jenny Kassan.jpgJenny Kassan
Jenny Kassan Consulting 

Praveen.jpgPraveen Madan
Kepler’s and The Booksmith | 

Bill Upton.jpgBill Upton
VP of Operations,
Edwards Brothers Malloy

Mike Hannigan.jpgMichael Hannigan
President and Cofounder,
Give Something Back Office Supplies

Marilyn McConnell.jpgMarilyn McConnell
President & CEO, AIDC

Paul Wright.jpgPaul Wright
WrightWorks Communications

Arielle Kesweder-050749-edited.jpegArielle Kesweder
Associate Director of Operations, Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc

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