The bigger the purchase, the bigger the discount!

If you are making a bulk purchase for your organization (quantities of 10 or more), you save the largest amount of money by ordering directly from us.  We offer print, digital, and audio formats of all our titles.

Benefits of our bulk buyer program include:

  • Significant discounts all products of up to 40%
  • Customized editions for corporate gifts, events or retreats
  • Download codes or site licenses for multi-user access to digital books and products
  • Opportunities to connect with authors for in-person events
  • Personalized service and recommendations

Simply fill out the form, and our sales specialist will be in touch.

*We're a B Corp and a California Benefit corporation! Special discounts available to our fellow B Corps.


Fill out the form, and our bulk sales specialist will be in touch.

We’re Innovative.

We are not just a book publisher. We have been going strong for over twenty years because we live our values, take joy in innovation, and strive to make all voices heard.

We Craft Our Books with You in Mind

Our books and products are designed so that busy readers can get the big picture and start building an action plan right away.