ebook Cover Image - The Ultimate Guide to Employee Development v4When it comes to training programs, most organizations want to educate, inspire, and motivate their employees. However, many companies fail on all three counts. Maybe they’re focusing on the wrong things and staying silent on critical topics like diversity and inclusion. Or maybe they aren’t offering enough opportunities for growth and development and end up alienating employees who might otherwise have great potential.

That’s not what training should be about. That’s why we’ve tapped our expert authors to create this free guide: The Ultimate Guide to Employee Development: 6 Critical Components for Any Training Program.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your training program, or if you’re developing a new one from scratch, this guide has invaluable ideas and insights on topics like:

  • Diversity & inclusion — How to talk about difficult or controversial topics.
  • Time management — How 90 day plans can help measure onboarding success.
  • Personal development — How to help employees establish the right goals.
  • Leadership development — How to incorporate coaching and mentoring programs.
  • Employee engagement & retention  How millennials are changing the way we understand engagement.
  • Organizational development  How to encourage relationship building across department lines.

Suggested resources are included for all of these key training topics!

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