Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others

Our world is in a moment of great upheaval and mourning. Black, indigenous, immigrant communities, disabled and immunocompromised people are disproportionately affected by the global pandemic, and black lives continue to suffer from needless brutality. We are collectively enduring trauma while being called to care for one another. 

Berrett-Koehler is an independent publisher dedicated to connecting people and ideas to create a world that works for all. As we all come to understand what that means while witnessing and experiencing collective pain, we must tend to our own grief and trauma so that we can show up for others. 

Many organizations have offered donations to bail funds, civil rights groups, and grassroots organizations, and we encourage you to do the same if it is within your means. We will contribute in the best way we know how — by partnering with thought-leaders and change agents to amplify their ideas.

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More about Trauma Stewardship

A longtime trauma worker, Laura van Dernoot Lipsky offers a deep and empathetic survey of the often-unrecognized toll taken on those working to make the world a better place. We may feel tired, cynical, or numb or like we can never do enough. These, and other symptoms, affect us individually and collectively, sapping the energy and effectiveness we so desperately need if we are to benefit humankind, other living things, and the planet itself. 

In Trauma Stewardship, we are called to meet these challenges in an intentional way. Lipsky offers a variety of simple and profound practices, drawn from modern psychology and a range of spiritual traditions, that enable us to look carefully at our reactions and motivations and discover new sources of energy and renewal. She includes interviews with successful trauma stewards from different walks of life and even uses New Yorker cartoons to illustrate her points.

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About Laura van Dernoot Lipsky

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky is the founding director of the Trauma Stewardship Institute and author of the best-selling book Trauma Stewardship and The Age of Overwhelm. Widely recognized as a pioneer in the field of trauma exposure, she has worked with individuals, systems, and communities around the world for more than three decades. 

Laura became one of the first to speak publicly on the connection between environmental science and trauma and the toll exacted on individuals and organizations as they witness mass extinction, irreversible ecological losses, or other forms of human encroachment. Simultaneously, she has long been an activist engaged in movements for social and environmental justice, and has taught on issues surrounding systematic oppression and liberation theory. Her TED Talk - distilling some of the themes she shares to help people who have experienced human and environmental trauma find their way through - was one of the first to be delivered inside a women's correctional facility. 

Laura is an advisor for several nonprofit boards, an associate producer of the award-winning film A Lot Like You, and was given a Yo! Mama award in recognition of her work as a community-activist mother.